TAKARO is the fast-paced anagram exchange game where players earn points by using game tiles to spell words and then exchange those tiles with the other team to spell a completely new set of words.

In round 1, each team draws any combination of 10 game tiles – consonants and vowels.  Teams then roll the dice and choose a designated number of additional game tiles.  To boost their scores, teams may decide to select a Power Vowel tile.  This tile can be used to earn 10 additional points each round if used.  When the round starts, teams will spell as many words as they can within five minutes. 

At the completion of round 1, teams exchange all of their game tiles with the other team.  In round 2, teams must spell unique words using the other team’s game tiles.  Teams may not repeat words from round 1.  The highest cumulative score wins!

What’s in the BoxEach game includes 132 game tiles and 2 dice.

Anagram Exchange

Getting Started

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