​​​​​What's an Acrostic
In literary terms, it's a poem or short verse in which the writer uses the first, middle, or last letter to create words.  In EMKATA, players vertically spell out their acrostic and then develop words related to the acrostic.

What's Inside
The game includes 156 game tiles and 30 category cards with over 500 topics.

Each team will draw a category card from the deck and select a word related to that category.  Several thought starters are provided on each card, but teams may choose another acrostic word as long as it is related to the category card.

Let's Play

Getting Started

​​​The Basics
Teams will play three 5-minute rounds.  The highest cumulative score wins.  For each word, all letter tiles are worth one point.  Bi-Grams double your score, and Tri-Grams triple your score.  Bridges are worth zero points but can be used in place of a single letter tile to complete a word.

​​​Stay Connected
A complete set of rules is provided and should be reviewed by all players to ensure a fun and fair game.  Be sure to check out our strategy tips as well.

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